Serving our community for 25 years!

It all began 25 years ago, when Danny Malek opened the door of Rapid Auto Care, and gave birth to the idea of the ten (10) oil change card for $99.00. Any family member could use it for any vehicle, and it NEVER expired! A hit instantly, people flocked from far and wide, arriving a customer, but leaving a friend.

 Both the oil change deal and Danny’s outgoing and social personality traveled far and wide. Experimenting with various forms of advertising, two would become instrumental in getting his concept of fast, friendly, and quality service, out to the public.  “The Talk of Akron”, 100.1FM WNIR, have become dear friends of Danny over the years, and frequently, you may hear them on the radio advertising the business, and giving him the occasional jab.  Record Publishing, our newspaper family, was also instrumental in developing high-quality print ads and coupons that people could bring for an even greater discount.

 Always the character, Danny Malek’s reputation precedes him. Every day, he arrives early to ensure coffee is ready for anyone who may stop in, and it is not uncommon to also be fed at Rapid. One day it may be donuts, another cookies, and another pizza, all are welcome! Danny's warm welcome and guarantee to stand behind his service are second to none!

 A comedic element to the business is Danny's family who has grown up working at Rapid, and can always be counted on to drop in. The running joke is “there is a charge for service, but the entertainment is free”.

 You never need an appointment at Rapid Auto. Whether you arrive in the morning before work, at lunch, or on your way home, we ensure you & your vehicle are taken care of the instant you enter until the moment you leave. If you are unhappy, Danny will bend over backwards to make it right, and when you leave happy, tell your friends and family, for that is the greatest compliment!